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Arch is using IFC files, we are using Revit.. HELP

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    Arch is using IFC files, we are using Revit.. HELP

    What is the best way to work between the Archicad platform and Revit? I am having trouble figuring out a seamless (or somewhat) way to work between these two. The Architect is using Archicad and we (Structural) are using Revit 2017.

    I have read some things that recommend saving the IFC as a Revit model and link that file into my Revit model. However, with this method, everything from the "IFC turned Revit model" becomes generic. There are no wall types, just "walls", no floor types, just "floor", etc.

    If I link the IFC file in, I can at least have more information and the shared parameter file it generates, however it slows down my model considerably.

    If you have found a good work around, please fill me in. I am about to go crazy!

    I've developed a 3rd party IFC importer for Revit that should work better. You can download for various versions of Revit from My plugin does a better job at extracting native objects from the intelligence in the IFC.
    Mine will also update a revit model. I have an IFC Diff tool that can be used to detect changes between one IFC file to a newer version, so that obsolete objects can be deleted. My plugin also deals with aspects such as shared coordiantes.
    Note that there are different options in the Archicad export, it can be a very primitive model if the options are set to do this.

    I can help troubleshoot and advise if there are problems, and I'm constantly working on fixes/improvements if they are needed.




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