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    Filter By Constraints

    Is is possible to create a filter by Base Constants or Level constraints?
    Out project is on the main level and i would like to filter out the Basement and Level 1 thru 3, the Arch put everything on workset 1 so that option is out.
    The only option i can think of doing is selecting item by items and hiding the selected items.

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    Can you be more clear on why you are trying to hide in view? This sounds like something that should be controlled by your plans' view regions.

    But to answer your question on creating a View Filter on the Base Constraints of walls, the quickest solution I can think of would be to create a Wall Schedule, Add the fields "Base Constraint" and "Comments", Sort by "Base Constraint" and uncheck "Itemize every instance in view." This will group all the walls by their base constraint and then you can give all the walls of the same base constraint the same value in the Comments parameter, and create View Filters based on the Wall's "Comments" parameter


      Here is a video demonstrating a couple of options, the first may not work if you are looking for base constraint walls specifically. The second option is a demonstration of the method described by amyeamyw.

      Best of luck, HTH
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        Thanks for the reply's amyeamyw & rkitect, it is greatly appreciated.

        Amyeamyw your solution worked great, not only did I need to do the walls I also need roofs, columns, doors and etc.

        The reason I needed to hide those object is to create an export view for our civil group and create sheet views that only shows our scope of work within the multi-level building/parking garage.


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