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Duplicating Detail Families

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    Duplicating Detail Families

    Lately I've been revisiting efforts to develop a more robust details library for our practice, but aside from the (expected) problems of collating content from disparate projects drawn in differing ways by different people, I've been running into a more Revit-reason for frustration.

    Namely, family duplication.

    i.e. I have a Family.rfa in my "container" details .rvt file... then, using any/all of the methods:
    Load family
    Insert as Group
    Insert views from file fetch content, which may also have Family.rfa in it (worth noting: I am almost always poaching Detail Groups)

    ...but instead of overwriting the "container" (model) version of the family (as would be expected) Revit decides to introduce it as a duplicate, Family1.rfa...

    JOY! :banghead:

    Now I know Revit renaming things isn't new behaviour... my issue is that this is so old an issue that I've forgotten what the best way to counter this is?

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