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Workarounds for Linked File + Filtering Door Schedule by Level

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    Workarounds for Linked File + Filtering Door Schedule by Level

    We are currently working on a project with another architect with their file linked into ours. They control specific walls, rooms, and doors that are intertwined within our scope of work.

    We have just run into the issue of not being able to filter door or room schedules using the Level parameter once we've checked the box for "Include elements in linked files" and are trying to determine the best way to get around this.

    We have four levels in the building and two wings on each floor. The project manager has developed a naming convention so for each floor we have room #'s: "A100-A...", "L100-L...", "ST01-ST..." (for stairs). This eliminates a simple filter of greater than/less than since for each level we want to include all the A's, L',s & ST's associated with that floor. So far I've had the following ideas:
    • Create a new shared parameter, then manually fill it in. This would be a last resort - I don't want to have people across two different offices having to remember to fill this in.
    • Use greater than/less than value filters. We end up with 12 schedules this way, but it doesn't require users to fill in a parameter. This is what I'm leaning towards.

    Any other thoughts?

    Custom SP

    We do this even when working on our lonesome - since we seldom ever have a project that does not have offset/staggered floor plates, where the "real" (hosting) level (in Revit) isn't what we want for documentation.

    There are Dynamo tricks and the like to make populating the parameter less painful.

    But the "real" workaround here would be to question the purpose of your attempts to sub-schedule. I'm picturing you might be creating "per level (door) schedules" to be placed on your sheets to accompany their respective plans? Which only makes me question, "Does your door schedule proper ever travel as one whole document itself?"


      We are creating "per level schedules" because the schedule is too large to fit on one sheet.


        Originally posted by LKeyser View Post
        We are creating "per level schedules" because the schedule is too large to fit on one sheet.
        Aha, that old chestnut!

        Only this afternoon did I find myself having the whole debate about (not) moving to A0 paper because "the building doesn't fit on A1"

        What happens when one of your floors does run over? Two (sheets) of per-doors-per-floor schedules? I've never understood why anyone puts them on a sheet!?

        So I'm going to hit send on this then squirrel off to fetch a link....

        This thread's not about doors, nor specifically about filtering/sorting, but it (in my opinion) has the answers to your problems:
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