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Issues with group- Similar items repeating in a big project

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    Issues with group- Similar items repeating in a big project

    Hi All
    I have a residential tower building project.
    it has 8 wings, and 15 stories are typical.
    so it goes like this.

    1: Each wing has similar flats, so my team want to copy some flats, and to mirror some flats, bcs of identical flats.

    2: they want array/copy this one wing to make it 4 wings floor plan, and to mirror this 4 to finish 8 wings plan.

    3: they want this 8 wing floor plan to copy to all 15 stories. (including toilets and other furniture)

    4: if there comes any changes in any flat, as design changes, they want to auto update in full building.

    what i need is , a best practice method. i dont want to increase file size or mess up with grouping issues in project.
    how i can control this issue without getting crashed the software and/or hanging system.


    again one more issue, it is a zone with 9 such similar buildings, i have to link in a master site project.

    There are probably some newer threads but these will be a good start.

    The two biggest things to watch out for (IMO) are:
    • not having hosted items in the group, UNLESS you can also include the host element. Quite a few people have moved to having hosted and unhosted (or just unhosted) versions of families - especially things like casework and bathroom accessories so they can be grouped properly.
    • don't attach your walls to an upper level (unless you are extremely lucky and your floor-to-floor is identical and won't change. I am never that lucky.
    Revit for newbies - A starting point for RFO

    BEER: Better, Efficient, Elegant, Repeatable.


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