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    Tunnel Profile DWG

    Just throwing a request out there, if anyone has an old project profile they might share.

    I am currently working on a workflow to go from Infraworks through to Civil3D and then finish in Revit for complicated infrastructure layouts.

    I've got the test profile working finally after much scratching of head and pulling of hair, but I am wanting to test a more complicated extrusion, as I've currently just extruded a basic subassembly along an axis and then gone through to Revit with it, I was hoping someone might share a DWG of a tunnel profile that I could use as the basis for a tunnel without having to invent one myself. Although I can fairly easily make a profile I would like to have Something realistic that I can use as the profile for the tunnel. When I say profile, I mean including roadways, rail placement etc like this image attached.

    As part of the workflow I want to try converting a CAD image into a subassembly profile from the linked file...hence why I would rather have a cad file to work from.

    Otherwise I will just make Something that looks kinda like this one I guess.

    Thanks in advance
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    Actually I did draw up my own tunnel (using this image) and got it to work


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