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Area Calculation depending on headroom

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    Area Calculation depending on headroom

    Hi all,

    According to a norm in my country, usable area under sloped roof is calculated depending on headroom available. Area with headroom above 2200mm is calculated as 100%, however are between 1400-2200 mm is calculated as 50%. I've looked at Computational Height, but it doesn't seem to allow to input multiple values. Is there any way to do it in Revit?

    Not natively. You could do it in Dynamo, however.
    Greg McDowell Jr


      I think this is what "spaces" are used for.
      I'm not an architect and I've made this error before mixing up pieces and spaces so now I'm not sure which has the function you are requesting, but I am fairly certain its "space"

      So if you go to the "analyze" ribbon, you have a button called "space" and you can create a new space which needs to be bounded by walls. You can also pick the bounding elements for the space. In the properties of the space you can set a head height. You can also define other data like airflow, heating, purpose of the room (commercial, shopping, office space etc) Lighting parameters and several other bits of imformation all in the "space" properties.

      You can also make a "space" schedule and report all of the data in a table.

      Up to you to define the upper and lower limits and bounding elements of each space but it is relatively "automatique" once you define the criteria

      As for editing "multiple" values, this would just mean you need to split your spaces up
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        Definitely using Dynamo.
        The problem for Revit is that part of the same room object will be at 100% and the rest not. So you will need to analyze the part of the area and then do the math.


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