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Revit Shared Coordinates and Linking

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    Revit Shared Coordinates and Linking

    Hi Everyone

    OK, so this subject has probably been posted to death. I still cant get this right though.

    We have a multidisciplinary office, Everyone, Arch, Interiors, Structures, HVAC, Network, Fire, Plumbing, Electrical, Water Supply.

    Currently we have a folder structure per project for each discipline as per the attached PDF. Basically, each discipline has their workshared model in their Discipline folder, in a folder called WIP=Work In Progress.

    Each Discipline links the other discipline's revit files from a folder called 'Shared'. These Revit Workshared files are 'Frozen', have been Detached and typically a week old at most, file nmames never change. This process give all disciplines time to accommodate coordination changes from the previous weeks meetings etc. Also no randomly moving / deleted elements each time someone synchs.

    Regarding coordinates.

    We typically set a fill that has the Coordinates, Levels and Grids. All Models are linked into this file lined up with Grids intersection that is on 0,0,0 Project and Survey points. From there coordinates are published to all models for each discipline.

    My problem comes when linking the 'Frozen' models, from the 'Shared' folder by shared coordinates.


    Architecture will link Structure Shared model first, By Shared Coordinates. It come in at the correct place. However, after the link, the first synchronise action wants to save the new position back to the linked in file. OK... Then HVAC links the same 'Frozen' Structure model, also selecting By Shared Coordinates.... Cant.:banghead:. Revit says that the Project information workset is owned by the first person who linked the structure file on the Architecture team. Surely this should work?? or am I missing something?

    I hav attached the screen shot of the warnings that Revit produces.

    Origin to Origin works fine by the way.:crazy:

    Is there a better way or a reason as to why this cant be done??

    Must %TEMP% be cleaned out??

    I'd just really like to have a fool proof way to keep this workflow going in the future

    As always any advice will be much appreciated.:thumbsup:
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