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Making Grade Beams - Invalid Family Category

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    Making Grade Beams - Invalid Family Category

    We commonly use Structural Beams as grade beams. Now that we're expanding the use of Revit models for QTO, I'd really like them to be in the "Structural Foundations" family category. When you try to just switch the family category of a beam, you get this error:

    Invalid Family Category
    Edit the family and change the category to Structural Framing.
    The family that you are trying to place is a Structural Framing family but has had its category changed to Structural Foundations. The category need to be changed back to Structural Framing to work correctly.

    What are you guys using as a workaround to produce beam-like grade beams in the Structural Foundations family category?

    Use beams. Change assembly codes. Ignore Revit categories.

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