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Exporting centerline of a pipe into an other revit model

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    Exporting centerline of a pipe into an other revit model


    We are working with a model that has multiple IFC-links and Revit-links. Now i have made a new Revit-model with pipes. In this model in a section/detail view i can see a centerline/cross. When I export it to an IFC-file and import it to a diffrent Revit-model the centerlines are gone. How can i solve this so i can see the centerlines in this model?
    I know the easiest way is to link the revit-file but we dont always get a revit-file.
    Who can help me out.


    Interesting.. sounds tricky.

    Maybe you can change the mapping of categories to ifc, so ifcPipe gets imported as pipe placeholder.

    Otherwise this will take some clever programming to solve..
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