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    Sections and Topo Survey


    I have a Revit project that has a linked topo survey in. I am trying to created a section but no matter how much I change the far clip the full extents of the topo are shown making it difficult to understand what is going on at the section. Has anyone come across this before?

    Topo in section basically works like a bag of crap. It doesn't get "real" thickness. I use shape edited roofs to get around this.

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      It dépends what you've used to create the original Survey file.
      If you did it with civil 3D revit can go as far as importing the strata information (and this works a lot smoother than what you have at the moment)
      But in general, Twice is right in that revit and topo surfaces are a PITA.
      There is a plugin called "site designer" for revit that does add some useful Tools but still, you are really limited in what you can do.

      What you will probably need to do is at least cut a "building pad" around your building area otherwise the topo surface exists within the limits of your structure. Not great. If you did some earthworks in civil 3D for example, the building pad and footing prep would all be in your topo surface, but I am assuming you just made a surface from the complete site Survey without reworking it?

      If you look at a project I did a long time ago, the topo surface has been modified (using the subregion tool in volume & site)

      This way the topo doesnt enter my building (see ugly blue Arrow showing a limit around the building perimeter)
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        The problem is the Project template was set up by someone else and the topo was already brought in so I have no idea how it was made! Also the project is to model an existing bridge not a building which brings in its own challenges!!


          er yes well bridges are more complicated structures but not impossible in revit. Check out Sofistik and their bridge module for revit its VERY good. Also for that sort of infrastructure planning have a look at infraworks and civil 3D. There is a bit of a 3 way sweet spot with those programs if you use revit, infraworks and civil 3D together.


            I use the topo surface as a guide to trace a filled region with an earth hatch on it when I can't get it too look right, but many times it is fine the way it is assuming you use pads for the building and elevator pits etc. I set topo to have a cut fill earth pattern so sometimes its just a matter of "touching it up" with a filled region.
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