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    Schedule only one type

    I quite new to shedules and I want to list only 2 types of walls
    but when I go to filters it doesn't give me an option to filter by types.

    How can I filter by type?
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    You can filter Types by their parameter values. A Type name is not (quite the same as) a parameter value. I usually use the Description parameter to distinguish Types.
    Still, View Filters can acces the Type name, never got why Schedules need to be different.
    There must be a better way...

    Ekko Nap
    Professional nitpicker, architect, revit consultant, etc.


      You could use width if the width of the walls is different. Or select the walls you want and add a comment to them. Add comment to your Fields and then you can Filter with it. If you don't want comments to appear in your schedule go to the Formatting tab select comments and check the Hidden Field box. This makes it so you can still filter by it but it will not show up in the Schedule. There might be a better way but this is how I know how to do it, I am also new to Revit.


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