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Coordinate System between 2 projects

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    Coordinate System between 2 projects


    I am confused with the Coordination System in Revit...

    I have created a Template in which I have the Project Base Point in (0,0,455) and the Survey Point in (0,0,0)... because usually in my projects I have the Floor plan near to the elevation 455 (not always) so I prefer in our template, when we go in the Elevations, the levels to display like 455, 480 etc..

    Now I want to import an existing project in my Template. So I start a new project using my Template...I am trying to save time, so I don't want to start the existing building from scratch in the new project from my Template so I go in the 3D view...copy in clipboard and after I paste it from clipboard in the new project.

    The existing Building has the Project Base Point in (0,0,449) and the Survey Point in (0,0,0)...

    When I copy it, the Project Base Point is different so I change it again in the coordination (0,0,449). My problem is that when I go to change the levels in the elevation in order to have the same levels as I had in the existing building I have this error ' Can't keep elements joined. ' because its element in the existing project has linked with the levels that I had in the template. So for example the floor plan in the existing building doesn't have the same elevation with the floor plan in the new project.

    I don't know how to explain the above better...

    My questions are:
    1. Is it correct to copy from clipboard an existing project and past it in a new one? There is another most appropriate way to do this?
    2. How I can change in my template the Coordination Systems in order to correspond in the Existing building?

    Any suggestion will be useful...
    Thank you in advance!

    You made your life complicated there.

    first off, Im not sure why you would want a Template with an elevation in it, set it to 0, its a Template...
    That said, don't copy paste your Template. Open the active project, then open the Template file (have both files open in the same revit instance)
    Then with the Template file open click on "manage" and go to "transfer project standards" filter it as you wish, exclude the things that you don't need to bring over.

    I personally go to a section or elevation, go to "manage" and click on "specify coordinates at point" click on a known floor level - for example I know "ground floor" = 455 elevation. Now set the elevation to 455. When you do this operation click on the actual level, not a modeled element.

    For the spot élévations, I create 2 types. One to report the project value (Ground Floor = 0) and another to report the real elevation (Ground Floor = 455)
    I then have 2 methods of verification. Sometimes I work with another disciplines plan that has shown the real value when I want to see the project value but with both options it allows me easy verification without having to do some calculations. (ok for 0 = 455 this is easy, but its the in between values that take time to verify)
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      Hello Karalon,

      Yes I will change the elevation in my Template in 0 because it is complicated now.

      With the '"transfer project standards'' I cannot import the geometry only the system families,materials etc. I would like to import the whole building.

      Also, when I copy the existing building in the new project each element connect with the levers that there are in the new when I am trying to change a level and to put it in the correct elevation I receive this error ' Can't keep elements joined.'

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        wait, your building you created it in a Template file?
        just copy the file and rename the extension to .rvt instead of .rte


          Nope misunderstanding.

          Well, I have an Existing project A. And I want to continue to work with it but based on my Template [ I didn;t start it in my template from beginning so I want to do it now]

          In order to do that I create a New Blank Project B from my template (so it is .rvt but it has created from the Template). I have opened both projects A and B and copy the project A[Existing Building] to the project B [New rvt. project based on the Template].

          Now I would like to find the way to have the same coordination systems between these projects....I think that I found something with the Paste Aligned to Picked Level but I check it.

          Really thanks for your time!
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            what exactly are you trying to get out of your Template?
            I am not understanding this because transfer project standards will do what you are asking, but you want to copy the geometry?
            You dont need to copy the geometry if you just transfer the standards in to the existing project A.
            You dont need to copy the geometry, it already exists in project A.
            Open project A, open Template file. Transfer standards to project A file. Save project A file as Project B.


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