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Actual color material in REVIT

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    Actual color material in REVIT


    we got a presentation from the contractor via navi to present a project done by revit. Some of the material color are different from the approved. They said even if we present the work through Revit will never get the exact color. Is that correct? do we have to render each shot to get the exact color??

    Thank you

    Navisworks normally assigns the colours as per the render material. So you may do your whole project in Revit and because you don't need to render it you don't care about the render materials but that comes back to bite you in Navisworks. A bit late by then. Should tell the contractor that if they want the correct colours to appear in Navisworks then it needs to be specified at the beginning.

    On the other hand I don't know what the body of opinion is on correct material colouring in projects if you are not going to render them. I know that we don't care as rendering is normally done in-house or 3rd party in 3ds and we don't normally concern ourselves with accurate render materials matching to actual materials.
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