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    When opening a new project ...

    Dear Guys,
    I just switched from RAC 2009 to RAC 2012. I find that when i opened an new project, I don't see the elevation and the levels. Could anyone tell me how could i make them appear when i open the project? Just like what we have in RAC 2009. Everything is well setup in RAC2009 but in RAC2012, i seem to have re-setup all the levels and elevation one by one. Furthermore , i can't see the name of my levels in my project view. i can only see it in the properties.

    Does anyone know how can i solve the problems?

    Thank you very much!

    Try browsing to your 2009 template file when you create the new project (go R>New to be prompted for a template)
    It will stall for a moment with a note saying "this is a one time upgrade".
    Once open it should have all settings as they were in your 2009 project, if so do R>save as> Template
    I hope this helps!


      Which template are you using? The 2012 ootb template (Big R > New > Project and set the template to "None") doesn't have any headers in them. Not for elevation, sections or callouts. What you need to do is copy your template (save as mytemplate2012, open it once, close again with saving and then go to Big R > Options (right below corner of the flyout menu) > File Locations and set the default template path to your 2012 template.
      Martijn de Riet
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        Ok ~ i got it . Thank you!


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