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Revit 2018 new multi story stair

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    Revit 2018 new multi story stair

    I like the concept I think it is an improvement.
    But can anybody replicate this.
    When I make a multi story stair with more than one straight runs and landings in between to connect two storeys.
    The lower stair does not show in plan until I unpin it (and than it is no longer multi story)
    It does not happen with a single straight run. That shows all right.
    I did not try the other stair types.
    Geert Vennix, architecte

    I wasn't able to replicate this. I created the image below and I can see the stairs in all plans.
    I did notice though when I unpin the stair, the up arrow changes slightly and starts at the base of the run instead of roughly at the break line. This seems to be because even though it is still part of the multi-storey stair, it no longer reads it as continuous and ignores the double break line. Perhaps this has something to do with what you are seeing?
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