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Revit - Thermal Analysis

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    Revit - Thermal Analysis

    Hi all,
    just wondering if there is anyone that has done any thermal analysis, using revit, in a Professional capacity.

    Its not my area of knowledge, I had a client tell me that revit was not reliable for this sort of analysis, but I have personally known some architects in the past (since 2010) that were using revit in some capacity for thermal analysis. I also know of at least one building that was done in revit with a 5 star green building rating, so I am assuming in some capacity they used thermal analysis Tools within revit.

    So my questions are

    how reliable are the results from revit?
    did it require some kind of plugin - if so what did you use?
    Were you able to certify straight out of revit, or did you still require to pass through some other software?
    Basically....without revealing trade secrets, could you share some of your workflow and how reliable the results were?

    Thanks for any responses, really just a point of interest, but my gut feeling was that the person was telling me they didnt know how to use the softare properly, because I believe that revit is actually fine for thermal analysis but as its not Something I do just asking for some verification from pros that actually do that kind of work.

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