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One day I will master the view range but it is not today...

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    One day I will master the view range but it is not today...

    Hi and thank you all for your excellent help!

    OK so I have struggled with the view range since 2005 and honestly haven't ever gotten anywhere with it.

    So I have a high roof framing plan and I think I have it all set up to show correctly but a canopy that is 30 feet below the view range really wants to show up and I cannot have that obviously. See images and you'll see what I mean.

    Maybe someone can enlighten me. I would be very thankful.
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    Two questions:

    1. Where is the T.O. HIGH ROOF PARAPET level? Don't see it in your section. I see a HIGH ROOF PARAPET level but not a T.O. HIGH ROOF PARAPET
    2. Why isn't Underlay Range: Base Level set to "None".
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      Great article from Paul Aubin on View Range:
      Revit for newbies - A starting point for RFO

      BEER: Better, Efficient, Elegant, Repeatable.


        T.O. HIGH ROOF PARAPET is at 50'-6"

        I set the underlay range base level to everything I could to get the canopy to not show up. I just set it back to none and there is no difference.

        The obvious question here is why on earth....would any drafting program allow itself to show something that would almost never appear under any circumstances...and then make it the default to be this way...and also make it nearly impossible to show it the right way?


          Is the canopy a DWG import or other type of imported geometry, or maybe a in-place family? It's possible it was modeled strangely, and some connected geometry is being cut, thereby showing the entire thing. In other words, as long as any part of the view range touches ANY geometry of objects on certain categories, Revit will show the entire thing.


            THAT is a good answer!

            This is probably the case, as the architect does a lot of big custom families. It's not a dwg. this is the first time I am going 100% Revit for these projects.

            A little bit of clarity feels great! thank you


              Originally posted by cellophane View Post
              Great article from Paul Aubin on View Range:
              Very good analogy!
              Bettisworth North


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