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Design Option or New Model?

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    Design Option or New Model?

    I'm working on a 5,000 sf admin building that is part of a waste water treatment facility. All the structures we are designing are metal frame buildings with bypass girts, including the admin building. Initially the client wanted metal panel siding with a masonry wainscot. No problem.

    Now the client has decided they want all masonry cladding. The metal frame and grids will not change, but the 8" girts will give way to 6" studs to support the cladding, meaning the exterior walls will get pulled in, the liner walls will get pushed out, and the turndown slab will shrink slightly.

    The other disciplines (in-house) are linked in and have begun work.

    Here's my dilemma:

    Design options seem overly complicated given that the entire exterior of the building is changing; however we may come back to this building if the masonry is too expensive. If I create a new model and link it in to my consultant files, will objects in those files lose hosting if the model is completely different? The interior partitions, ceilings and fixtures will likely remain in place. All windows and storefront will remain the same except for position within the wall. Adding to the chaos is the fact that objects in the D.O. can't host inserts in the main model. Thoughts?



    My 2 cents: archive the project as it is now (I use the eTransmit add-on) and move forward with the new scheme. Even if the exterior walls change back, the D.O. won't help that much. In my experience, it's a rare day when something reverts exactly back to what was previously designed ... usually it's some variation at the very least.


      Going with the new scheme. Thanks for the reply.


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