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Cut Pattern Hatch Line-weight. please help!

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    Cut Pattern Hatch Line-weight. please help!

    I'm currently on a pretty tight deadline and we can't figure out how to change the inner line-weight of the hatch pattern when cutting through our families. This is not the cut line around the edges, I'm referring to the lines which make up the hatch pattern. In this case meaning the grey squiggly ones.


    There is no option in 'model categories' overrides for this and I don't seem to be getting anywhere with object styles either. If it makes any difference this is a generic model family with nested components

    any help is GREATLY appreciated. thanks!

    Cut pattern hatches all respond to Lineweight 1, in revit. Is your Lineweight 1 set darker than everything else?

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      To further that, lineweight 2 is assigned to ceiling patterns.

      Best bet, start your thinnest pen at 3 so you can control patterns better.
      Greg McDowell Jr


        And to answer your next question:
        No, you can't re-assign which LIneweight Hatches and Ceilings use.
        Dave Plumb
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          thank you!


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