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Linked model visibility/structural foundations in elevation

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    Linked model visibility/structural foundations in elevation

    I want to have my structural foundations and piers, which are in a linked model, show up as hidden lines below grade in my exterior elevations. By going into my view template and overriding graphics in the linked structural model I'm able to get them to show up correctly, but only if I also make my topography in my linked site model transparent. This in turn unhides all other kinds of elements that I don't want to see.

    Does anyone know of a way to override the graphics of an element so that it visually shows up on top of another element instead of just making the current element transparent?

    Or any other way to solve this problem would be cool too!

    That's a tricky one. Even though we have a 2D view in Revit it's really a just a representation of modelled elements in a 3D space...pull back your 2D view extents and stuff in the distance will disappear. In your case, because you want to be selective, could you use the line work tool on your structural elements then turn the topo back to opaque? Filter off anything you don't want to see and leave the topo transparent? Or overlay a second view on the sheet which shows only that sub surface structure?
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