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Wall chain at corner offsetting

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    Wall chain at corner offsetting

    Very very new to Revit.
    If I draw a wall (chain selected, location line: core face exterior) when I draw the next part of the wall it starts from the end point of the previous wall and trims nicely to it (this is great).
    However if I do this directly against another wall (I am trying to draw a timber wall against the inside of an external concrete wall) when I draw the next part of the wall at the corner it starts from the center line of the concrete wall instead of the internal corner of the concrete walls where I finished the first wall. How do I get it to stop doing this?
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    Its because of where your structural layers are in your walls. Revit will try to clean up wall joins depending on those layers ie structure to structure, finish to finish etc... you can disallow wall joins (right click on blue dot at end of wall) place your walls then use the join command to clean up. Not sure off the top of my head if using join tool has the same effect as auto joing but dissimilar walls will never clean completely.

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