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Unable to select Top Rail of a railing

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    Unable to select Top Rail of a railing

    I’ve been working through an online course and have built a stair and placed a railing onto it as a host. I’d like to add extensions to both ends of the top rail but Revit will simply not allow me to select the top rail on it’s own, even utilising TAB.

    The project is an old (2013?) project from a previous practice which I’m working on and embellishing to learn the software in greater depth. I understand there’s an issue with stairs and version types and wondered if there was a way to get round this? The issue is noted in this post but I can’t quite figure out what the guy is suggesting as a solution.

    RevitCat: Top Rails in Revit Railings

    I can select the top rail of railings if I start a new project and create a stair but not with this existing project. Is there any way to solve this?
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    Under the Modify Arrow, on the left side of the ribbon, is a drop down menu labeled "Select". Make sure "select pinned elements" is checked. You can be able to select Top Rail.


      Originally posted by JuJigsaw View Post
      [COLOR=#666666][FONT=&]The project is an old (2013?)
      This is probably the issue. If I recall railings needed to be manually "upgraded" if they were from a file before the Toprails and handrails functionality was added. If i recall, the method was to cut and then paste aligned to the same position. I think this action "upgraded" the railing.
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