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    .3dm into Revit

    Has anyone spent much time with .3ds (rhino) linking yet? We are just about to move to Revit 2017 and I would like to see if linking .3ds is functionally any better than the gnarly cad stuff.
    Currently I use some dynamo/ rhynamo scripts to get and rebuild various bits of geometry in Revit, such as slabs and perimeter walls. Although I've managed to rig a few workarounds it's never 100% because our rhino designers are pretty loose when it comes to their understanding of real building components. Also (like cad) some of the rhino elements are just not reproducable with Revit - eg. lines too short. Although that could also be my noobness with dynamo.
    Besides the ability to assign categories, am I going to find .3ds linking any better than those horrible dwgs?

    edit. Just to elaborate a bit further, I would continue using Dynamo to build the basics such as floor and p-walls, I'm looking more at linked .3ds for facades/ odd components in building elevations in early design stages during TP and SD. We go through a LOT of design iterations early on and constantly rebuilding fancy facades on - a current project- 3 unique 20 storey buildings is not fun at all.
    Funny (?) thing is, 95% of the designs I have to deal with could easily be done in Revit from the start, but sadly that's just not the case...yet.
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