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HELP! Looking fr 2D plants (elevations)

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    HELP! Looking fr 2D plants (elevations)

    I have been searching for the past 6 hours on how to get plant 2D elevations for a Revit elevation that I drew with lines because it was a ******* elevation with a complicated house in the that was easier to draw with lines than model - I need plants to put in front of the house - have tried to insert jpegs but they will not come to the front of the drawing. I tried grouping the house drawing to see if I could send it to the back - no luck. I was able to find one tree on the web that did come to the front. Are there any 2-D revit landscape family elevations out there?THANKSSSSS!



      I use .png with trasparence

      You need to set "Draw Layer" in Foreground

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