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    Fill Pattern Naming

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    I’m trying to come up with a naming scheme for fill patterns and was hoping for some advice. This seems to be an equation that involves fill regions and material graphics. I’m wanting our template to get to a place where there are material assets, materials, fill patterns and fill regions that are all named and organized similarly so that the user will usually find what they need and will be able to easily tell when they’ve browsed outside of this organizational structure.

    In your experience…

    • Should fill patterns be named for; their .pat file, the fill regions and material assets that use them or other?
    • Is there a detriment in naming a fill pattern something other than the .pat file as far as the users would be concerned?
    • Should there be a fill pattern for every fill region and material’s graphics or should they be shared?


    I like to name the patterns for what they represent. It makes it easy for others to know where to use the patterns.


      For patterns prefer generic names that aren't material specific, which would encourage duplicates .

      For example I'd prefer to see "Tile_24in x 24in No Offset" instead of "ACT 2' x 2'", which might be duplicated when someone wants "Ceramic Tile 24" x 24". Both the 2x2 ACT and 2x2 tiles should use the same model pattern.
      Julie Kidder
      Architect + BIM Director
      Hartman + Majewski Design Group


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