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remove brick at wall balcony junction

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    remove brick at wall balcony junction

    So we have loads of towers brick construction we have modeled the walls 0 - 19th floor

    we have several balconies that hit the walls.
    we have to show a true elevation of the wall no balcony and show the brick work not where it hits the balcony

    hopefully the images speak for themselves

    basically we need to cut out the brick on the true elevations.

    can anyone thing of a quick way? Thanks!
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    I would adopt the model it like it is built philosophy. In this case I would just not model the brick where it doesn't need to be. Should be pretty easy to do by breaking up that exterior wall or just using a void family to cut out what you don't need.
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      yeah thats what we have done wall based void that cuts the brick out. all good till some one changes the wall type.
      was just thinking of doing this as a wall split face? and change the material.??


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