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cornice on the top of wall under roof plus two quick question plz

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    cornice on the top of wall under roof plus two quick question plz

    Hi every one in this nice forum just three quick question first how i can make cornice around window or under a roof on the image
    secondhow i can create custom empty door and window pointed arch door
    third how i can match properties example i have created door A and door B now i want to change type B to A

    this time i cared about to ask brief straight understandable question :laugh:
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    OK first part finally solved by wall sweep i found it as tutorial on youtube but is it correct to apply it on a window or shall i use different method
    waiting to found answer for second and third part


      First: Yes you can do this with a Wall Sweep. The Roof can also be done with a Gutter. In both cases you need to create the Profile first, load this into your project and then apply to a Sweep (either Wall > Wall Sweep or Roof > Gutter.
      Second: Go to Program button (Big R) > New > Family > Select correct template from OOTB template folder. There are door and window templates there you can use. Save them under a new name and they will be automatically converted to families.
      Third: Select it, in the Properties box you can select new types and/or a different family.
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