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Revit General task understanding for Revit understanding seniors

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    Revit General task understanding for Revit understanding seniors

    I think this question would be useful for anyone who has management that needs to be convinced of how Revit task timing should be.
    So our Head of Architecture who is a very senior architect with tons of experience (of course), is sometimes asking for an estimated time for completion of certain tasks, the problem is that it's hard to keep demonstrating to convince someone who is not technically adept.

    The best solution I could think of is to show him some blogs where he can read from to ease his understanding of how much time things take to be accomplished, maybe a breakdown would help.
    I know this blog BIM Aficionado By Allen Jay Holland, who is likewise a senior architect with mountains of experience+BIM expertise, so does anyone know any other blog that has the same approach?

    You might also like Antony Mcphee's blog Practical BIM. My own blog has two pages dedicated to listing other blogs, Revit Focused
    and BIM Focused. You might find other useful ones listed there.
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      Revit Rants: Mr Spot's 5 Golden Rules for Revit

      Chris Price's Blog is also quite good.
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