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Building a Site Model HELP

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    Building a Site Model HELP

    I am building a site model in revit but am not sure where to start?

    i understand i can import a CAD file with z references and this will create my topo surface which is great.
    but how would i create the existing buildings on site (surrounding buildings)

    would i use sub-region for splitting the surface to create roads and grass areas as well.

    please help

    Not a fan of subregions unless I am looking for a very simple model.

    Site model should be based on the Civil drawing...import the topo from them. Existing buildings I build as in-place models and are just box representations. Roads and parking lots are built from roofs, as you can host curbs to a roof better than a floor. If you need to modify the areas to something else, split the topography into different segments...especially if you need to modify it to include a drainage basin or something similiar.
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