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Linked File Elements Resurrected After Deletion

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    Linked File Elements Resurrected After Deletion

    Some of the changes that the structural engineer made in his model (linked into our architectural model) included the deletion of columns and shear walls.

    When I reload the link from the later version of the model, some of the elements that have been deleted in the later version reappear.

    Just to be sure, I created a completely new project using an OOTB template and linked his latest file into it (without altering any visibility settings), and the rogue elements appear there too.

    Both he and I have opened his model in an attempt to locate and delete the rogue elements, but there is nothing there! We cannot find any visiblity setting that is hiding the damned things.

    Is this a quirk that others have experienced, or is it really likely to be just some very obscure visibility setting?

    All of the elements are created in the same phase. Revit Ultimate 2016.

    My guess is they arent actually deleted, but are somehow *turned off* in his model. If you can see it in another model with his linked in, get the Element ID off the objects. Then open his model and try selecting by Element ID. If it selects something, they arent deleted.
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      ...element ID's for elements in the linked model are not displayed.


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