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Is it possible to model this in Revit?

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    Is it possible to model this in Revit?

    Is it possible to model this in Revit?
    It is a handrail connected to a wall. The problem is the form in some kind of spiral...
    Doesn't matter in wich kind of family, just want to know if I can model this in Revit. With the normal tools I can't do it...
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    Hi vascocortez, I think you just should add the detail as a 2D detail component, but if you want to try maybe you can create a family with the swept and blend tool, as you show in your image it seems to be a kind of hammer forged handrail, so to obtain a similar thing you must use the swept and blend tool several times in the same family, hope this helps, regards
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      Hi vascocortez,

      As a rule, for normal construction drawings and documentation, anything visible > 1:20 then model it. Anything visible at 1:10, 1:5, then use detail components.

      Exceptions to this rule include for example, if you are making renderings and need the detail to show. In your example it looks like you need it for construction drawings only. So you will have the handrail and support modelled to show correctly on elevs, etc., upto 1:20, but have a detail component showing the spiral support in elevation, etc., at 1:10 / 1:5. You can even trace the CAD to make your detail component, etc.

      This confirms the same:

      But, if you insist, then look at this:

      And this:

      But, generally ? Not worth the time.
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