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Plan Region Corruption

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    Plan Region Corruption

    Hi All,

    Is this possible?

    I've had a couple of instances where plan regions simply don't behave as expected at all.

    The process:

    Plan view at ground level
    Large generic model family in this space which goes 10m high
    Plan region used to 'look down' on this equipment to show it whilst having normal plan behaviour elsewhere
    Create plan region - 'Large family' totally disappears...

    I've changed the plan region to just a small area of the family to test it, and changed the view ranges to all kinds of different values - nothing helps.

    I've now moved the plan region to a completely different area of the plan (not intersecting the family at all) and the family still doesn't show!

    Why is it always the simple stuff that causes the biggest problems?!

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Cheers :thumbsup:

    p.s. - back in the office on Friday
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    OK - so my last experiment was apparently still encroaching on the family's space somehow, even if not directly intersecting geometry.

    I moved it further away and it re-appeared.

    Still the issue of Plan regions making things disappear.


      Is the family set to "cut" in plan and all that other jazz?


        Yes, the family was a generic model and cutable.

        I gave up with this in the end - plan regions deleted.

        We have now decided to simply make 2D versions of all complex mechanical geometry and display those when required, rather than relying on useless Revit tools.

        The more we try and do this BIM thing, the more Revit stands in the way...


          There are a few things you can check: The cut range in the family itself, the family category (could require additional nesting), the view discipline

          Some Revit component families display above the view cut plane
          Families which are above the Cut Plane are showing up in the view

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