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Can I create a view out of a 3D View?

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    Can I create a view out of a 3D View?

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a view out of a 3D view. I have for example this fascia 3D view on my screen, can I somehow create a view with a push of a button instead of creating a new section, hide again all the un-wanted objects, crop the view, etc.

    fascia 3d view.jpg

    Sadly not no.
    You can do the opposite however, you can create a 3D view from an existing plan, section, elevation, detail (etc).
    To do that right click on the 3D cube in a 3D view and down towards the bottom of the right click menu you will see an option to go to a view and that will zoom your 3D model right in on that view including the depth of the section (or the view range if a plan view).
    Unfortunately you can not create a view from a 3D view.

    Having said that, you could always save the 3D view, rename it, lock it (down the bottom near the scale, view detail etc you will see a little padlock)
    You can dimension and tag in 3D nowadays so you could always do that but then you have no section indicator on your plan you would have to place a dummy section callout.
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