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Revit Architecture Gross Area Issues

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    Revit Architecture Gross Area Issues

    Hello all,

    I seem to be having a problem calculating the gross area of a small residential floor plan. The standard house plan has a First Floor and an Unfinished Basement, with an Optional Finished Basement. I would like to create an area schedule that is able to pull in all of these areas including the two basement options. I started with Area Schemes (Area Scheme 1 *Gross Building* = Unfinished Basement)(Area Scheme 2 *Gross Building* = Finished Basement [option is turned on with "visible in option"]) and all the areas have an Area Type as Gross Areas but wont pull into a single Gross Area Schedule. They will however pull into their own individual scheme schedules but I need them all collectively in one. I understand that I can't have area plans in design options but I feel like Revit should have an ability to pull in all Gross Areas in a Model regardless of what scheme they are on. Has anyone else had this problem? Please let me know if I can offer further explain on my situation or offer screen shots. Thanks!

    So, if I understand correctly, you want an Area Schedule (Gross Building) to list all areas in the project, including the Design Options. Unless, I’m missing something here, I just did it. I’ve got 2 Area Plans defined, each using their own Color Scheme, each representing a different Design Option for Level 1. Both areas are shown on the same Area Schedule.
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