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Text modifier revit and Autocad

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    Text modifier revit and Autocad

    Hello Guys,

    I am newbie in Revit and I have a problem with auto text size (room and area). Do you know how to edit the size of the text?
    Before I was an Autocad user. My standard text size is 2 x drawing scale. If the drawing use 1:200, the text size is 400 mm. I find it diffrent in revit auto text. The text has biggger size. How to deal with this problem?
    I try to change the text size but doesn't have any changes on the drawing. Do I need to have different title block standard?

    Thanks in advance.


    text sizes

    there are way more experienced people here than me, but here goes ....

    revit controls text to 'print' - so if you are in a drawing and use 2mm text lable, then it will print 2mm high whatever scale you chose on the drawing .... if you then go into the title block and use 2mm text - lo and behold it will be 2mm

    revid does the multiplying to keep the text height constant.

    personally I don't like this feature and revit does this with ALL 'annotation' families

    I have re-done as many of my annotation families as possible to remove this as a possibility - to the extreme that in light switches I have traced the text as an outline so that it does not scale with the drawing scale - as I like my switches to saty the same size unless I tell them not to

    if you do a workflow with some text and show us what you are tyring to achieve and show it on here then we might be able to show you how to reach what you want.



      @Dream: James is right in his statement that Revit will do the math in different scales. I don't see the problem with this actually because I believe this to be the correct behaviour. It let's you choose a textsize based on readability...

      To change the text size, select a Text Note, click Edit Properties, Duplicate and rename the type (to the desired size) and change the text height parameter.
      If you need to change a lot of text in one view, select one, right click and choose "select all instances in view". Now apply the change needed.
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