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    Rock climbing centre

    Hello everyone

    Hope this is the correct place to to post, I'm currently working for a 3d visualization company (constructivemedia), and have been asked to document a rock climbing center, The massing was done in Sketchup and 3dsm, then brought in to Revit as a mass then, the outside skin of the rock climbing walls was converted to Revit walls, The client would like sections through the modular wall kind of like if you where documenting a boat hull but in the vertical planes, I can not seem to dimension my walls correctly. Is there anyway to dimension slanting or tilted walls in the vertical cut plane? I've read on this forum that you need to have slanted wall as a new family then import them back into the drawing? is this true? I have only been using Rivet for a couple of days now and think its great; was using Archicad for a number of years but find Revit much more flexible except the whole dimensioning walls thing. Would anyone be able to run me though their workflow for this kind of thing or maybe point me in the right direction, sorry if it is already on the thread but I'm short on time, and any help would be much appreciated.

    Ps I tried to just draw a line then dimension to that but Revit come up with a warning saying you "may want to check you active few... ect"...
    Please see attached files I uploaded the revit file to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about.


    Jarmin Leonardi
    Attached Files

    Oh bad luck on your first Revit project.

    Revit has problems with dimensions slanted objects. We have been complaining about it for years...

    What you could do is if the shape doesn't change anymore is to freeze a view.

    It's an extension you will have to download from the subscription site


      Jarmin, could you be more specific in the problem? I don't get it cause all your drawings are partly dimensioned...

      Some ground rules though:
      1. The error message you're describing occurs when the Dimensions are not visible in view. You need to check the Visibility Overrides in that view. Type VG, go to the annotation tab of the popup window and make sure Dimensions are marked to be visible.
      2. You can dimension lines or refplanes. Refplanes can be set up by default to not print so you will only see the dimensions, not the refplanes. Use to your advantage but keep it to a minimum since it has no relationship to the modelled geometry.
      3. You should be able to dimension lines and/or endpoints. If you can't select the proper point/line place your cursor above it and use the tab key to cycle through selection options.
      4. Use the Aligned Dimension for non-vertical or horizontal dimensions.

      Hope this helps...
      Martijn de Riet
      Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
      MdR Advies
      Planta1 Revit Online Consulting


        Hi Martijn

        The dimensions you could see where the only ones I could get out , I was trying to get it to dimension parallel with the wall, Thanks for the ground rules, always challenging learning a new program. I think I found the problem: Set a level for each vertical Cut plan , Then make sure I have the correct view range for each cut plan or level, then like you said I just draw a dummy lines to where I need to dimension to, and that worked. Still getting my head around the visibility overrides, Im sure I'll get there in time. Also I have been playing around with reference planes to help me dimension in 3d just in case I need to. But yeah I think the proplem was I was drawing a line and not being able to see it because of my view range for the level was not correct. Just one more quick question, Is it easy to display overhead geometry like an I-beam, I'm haveing a little trouble displaying over head geometry like Cantilevers and Beams, is it just a matter of doing it in line work ? I would nt image that this is the case ? Is it another visibility override issue ? Maybe it is my view range again


        Jarmin Leonardi


          Ps thanks xiqx good to know Just in case


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