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Exporting 3d views for Linework

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    Exporting 3d views for Linework


    I apologize in advance if this inquiry is redundant. My objective is to export or print(to PDF) a 3d view to CAD or as a DWG so I can adjust the line weights/etc in Illustrator.

    Background: The exterior of the building is a bunch of louvers which I modeled in Rhino and brought into REVIT. There are BUNCH of them and I think this element might be slowing down the process and/or causing additional problems.

    I am using Revit 2016 Student Version.

    What I have done recently is place the 3D view on a sheet and tried to export it as a DWG. Most of the time when I do this Revit freezes and locks up. When it does export the file and i open it in CAD I can't find the drawing.

    Recently I downloaded CUTEPDF writer and I'm trying to print the 3d view as a PDF via this program. First try Revit froze when I tried to print to PDF the view.

    If someone could provide a step by step to get this I would GREATLY appreciate it!

    thanks so much!


    Before getting too far into exporting like this, why not just model everything in Revit? It doesn't play well with other programs as often as you'd wish.
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      Hey! Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah, that's def what is causing the problem. I've decided that I'm just going to make them a family/ component, adaptable component and take it from there


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