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    Site modeling question

    This is not a matter of necessarily how to model the site but rather it is best practices and extents.

    How much context do you typically model in a rural site? Suburban? Urban?

    When doing renderings how do you handle what is beyond what you have modeled?

    When you do walkthroughs how do you handle what is beyond what you have modeled? The intent is to do a walkthrough of the approach from the main highway to the site, is this typically done?

    Any other best practices that you can think of would be great?

    My site in question for my current project is a rural site on a lake, the site is a long narrow site (3,000 ft by 200 ft). How much of the lake should be modeled, what about surrounding area and trees? I do not want to bog the whole thing model down, but I am not that good with post processing so I would rather do as much as possible in Revit.
    Denis Pohlman, AIA, NCARB, WELL AP, CPHC
    Architect + BIM Coordinator
    Kahler Slater, Inc.

    When I used to model embassy complexes I had all the roads, site walls, fences, parking lots, parking structures, street lights, swimming pool, patios, swales, trees...etc. Basically if it was on the site plan I modeled it. All buildings were linked in. If there were nearby structures I would just use masses, but there was no reason to go further than just the site. If you want to do something further I would think Infraworks would be a better solution.
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


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