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Revit Discipline.

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    Revit Discipline.

    Does anybody knows a way to create a Discipline in my Revit Project Browser?
    Last edited by Brocha; January 21, 2016, 02:04 PM.

    As in sorting/grouping by or adding a new one? I believe a Project Browser Organization type of By Discipline is delivered with all the default out of the box templates, so I'm gonna assume you're asking if it's possible to add a new discipline to Arch/Struct/Mech/Elec/Plumb/Coord?

    Disciplines are a fixed list (as they have associated graphic overrides); you can add as many Subdisciplines as you want. If it's that important, you could always just make a bunch of subdisciplines that are disciplines, as there's not a parent child relationship between Discipline/Sub-Discipline. Or you could add another Parameter to views/sheets and put it in a grouping further away from the Graphics section to eliminate confusion (in case you name it Discipline as well).


      Sort by View Template.
      View template name is the (Sub-)discipline name, so no double information to manage.
      It forces users to use a view template for every view, which is good for discipline and consistency when printing (You can always use temporary view settings while working in a view).
      Put everything important that is related to the Discipline or Sub-Discipline in the template, so it is always available in the views and you can use that info to create/check your sheets. (For example our view and sheet numbers are built up automatically from Discipline number (That is in the template), level and building area (Scope Box).)
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