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Using Formulas To Create Families In Project

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    Using Formulas To Create Families In Project

    Hi all,

    So I find myself in a bit of a weird predicament, but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have a set of 40+ items. Some of these are returning a value called "Gas Size" with their various sizes in. What I ideally want to do is to automatically go through this list of items, and for every one that has this value, to then create a family (Or at least create a stored number somewhere) in the project.

    I'm not sure this is possible in Revit, maybe I'm thinking way too much like a programmer for this, but figured It would be good to check before I manually had to add the items in for every future project


    Im missing information for a better answer then use Dynamo.
    Filtering the list down to only "Gas Size" is easy. To place the families you will need more info. Where do they go exactly, is it the same family, etc..


      I suspect you're kind of thinking backwards.
      Revit families are parametric, so you probably don't need to create a family for every change of "Gas Size"
      Assuming the topography (basic shape) is the same for all of them, you only have to create one shape attached parameters to make the other "Types"
      For instance, if you are making a pipe elbow, you make the elbow shape, and then add a parameter for Radius (of the curve) and Diameter (of the pipe)
      Dave Plumb
      BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

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