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New Member - Server installation of Revit 2016

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    New Member - Server installation of Revit 2016


    new to the forum.

    I have a query about installing Revit 2016 that I hope someone can help me with.

    I've currently taken the role as a trainee BIM technician after several years studying mechanical design and then moved my interests towards the construction industry.

    As part of the new role we require Revit 2016. First of all we are unsure as to whether we require the design suite over the lt suite, software that neither myself or the organisation have previously been introduced to, hence the trainee role is a completely new position within the company.

    We will be discussing with clients and other BIM ready organisations at various meetings to decide which software package is most suitable for us. However, we are unsure as to whether or not either software packages can be installed on the company's server and accessed on different machines or what the licensing implications are.

    I will be the primary user of the software. Our organisation wishes that access to Revit will not only be office based but also available on site or on a separate device at home, ie primary access on a powerful desktop at the office and secondary access on a work laptop at home. Will there be an implication of separate licensing for different devices or will I have access to a single licensed software through our server?

    There may be a straight forward answer or a similar thread somewhere. An autodesk advisor was unable to answer my query.

    Look forward to any reply.


    Welcome to the forum! I don't know the answer to all of your questions but I'll get what I can,

    I would skip the LT package and get the suite. You can compare features here: Revit LT Vs Revit | Compare Revit Products | Autodesk

    Each seat of the Suite comes with 2 installs so you can install it on a laptop and on your system at work. If you are dealing with worksharing files you will want to use some sort of collaboration package (Revit Server, C4R, etc.) or a remote desktop connection. Using Dropbox or a VPN isn't recommended and has a high potential to seriously mess up your files. Beyond that I'll have to defer to others.

    As far as licensing goes you can get a fixed seat license or a network license. The fixed seat allows the previously mentioned 2 installs, the network license would allow anyone at the company to use the software if they have it installed - however it would be limited to one user at a time per license. Our office has 10 people and we use fixed seats. Once you get into 15-20 seats or more a network license is generally the better option since not everyone will be at their desk all the time. I believe there is some additional cost for the network license but am not 100% certain.

    For training purposes you can run Revit for 30 days with no limitations. There is also an option to purchase monthly under a SaaS model - the rates aren't too bad.

    Revit for newbies - A starting point for RFO

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      You will definitely want the full suite ... LT only gets you architecture and limited structural components. Needing to edit MEP components is one of the things that pushed me over the edge to upgrade to the full program.


        Thank you very much for your replies guys, definitely considering going for the full suite with fixed seat license.

        Much appreciated.