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simplifying a topo surface

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    simplifying a topo surface

    Hi all,
    After importing a 3d dwg and creating a topo surface from the relevant layer, I am inclined to do a surface simplify. Has anybody done this, and does it act like a 'averager', or another analogy, the equivalent of a dampened 3d spline adjustment through the points? Does it maintain critical points, and if so, how does it determine those? I know the adjustment can be a setting of your own 'smoothing', that might take a few goes to see what works for a large industrial site I suppose. Maybe it starts at the lowest, and 'smoothes' upwards at the given input. If that is the case, some critical points might just be smoothed out, and put back in later. So I am going to have a go, was just wondering if anybody else committed and survived?

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    I´m pretty certain that Revit uses interpolation for the smoothing, thus critical points are likely to change - But as you said, those could be put back in afterwards.

    Have you tried it yet? And how did it go?
    Klaus Munkholm
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      From my testing I found that there is a difference between boundary points and others. Boundary points get deleted a whole lot less. But everything in the center gets interpolated and smoothed.
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