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glazed railing transparent in sections and elevations

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    glazed railing transparent in sections and elevations

    Hello Reviters,

    i ve found a way how to get your glazed railings transparent in sections and elevations - leaving your hand rails and other parts of the entire railing opaque.

    Might be a bit quircky, but it works. Maybe someone else has already figgered it out.

    Here's the trick:

    1. don't put the transparent part, the glazing, of your railing into the rail structure - which one would usually do
    2. instead create a "top rail" (create the profile, then the top rail) and choose your top rail in the type properties of your railing, you might have to adjust its height, its lateral position, etc.
    3. in your section or elevation view create a filter for railings and top rail, dont choose the other options in railings, configure your filter so that you can choose your top rail - by name, or whatever
    4. apply the filter to the view, configure your graphical overrides

    i hope this is clear, otherwise have a look at the attached file


    Attached Files

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