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Schedule: Count only what's shown in schedule...

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    Schedule: Count only what's shown in schedule...

    OK, so here's what I"m trying to do (for another Revit user):

    We want to make a schedule that keeps track of plots in a building complex (think of town homes). Each plot has a type (floor plan type), a plot name and is located in a specific block (building).

    We need the schedule to count how many Plots are present in the project being represented by the schedule (may not necessarily be all the plots in the project at the time). See image below for "problem."

    Constraints: the modeler wants to keep all plots modeled in a single model, so there are no links to pull info from. Currently we are using Area objects (Rentable Area) to produce the schedule and get total plot area. In order for this to work we have to place an area on each level of a plot to get the total rentable area.

    See the schedule on the left? I'm trying to use areas to create a schedule that shows the total area of plots (which we accomplish) but it's still counting ALL area instances in the model so we get a count for all. The schedule on the right (ignore the math, the schedule on the left is only using 2 floors for area and I didn't adjust accordingly for the schedule on the right) uses a Room with a top constraint and a formula to retrieve the rentable area. Since I only had to use 4 areas, we get the proper count in the schedule...

    I'm looking for an easier way to achieve this. Any thoughts?

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    Carl, could you repost the images not inline (I can't open/enlarge them)? Also possibly post the project?
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      With any type of schedule, in this case, either areas or rooms, you should be able to filter the results by, first, entering a certain value in a parameter, such as Comments, only in those elements that you want to show, and then, by filtering the schedule to show only the elements that contain that certain value in that parameter.
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