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BOMA question regarding Area Types

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    BOMA question regarding Area Types

    I readily admit that I might just be understanding it wrong.. but BOMA rentable area has names such as Occupant Area, Floor Service Area and Base Building Circulation, but Revit distinguishes has names such as Building Common Area, Floor Area, Office Area, and Store Area which don't appear to directly correlate.

    Since BOMA requires specific colors for their spaces its a little confusing on how to apply the colors to the Revit area types (since you can't create new ones or modify existing) Do I need to create a new area parameter and use that?

    this is a pdf from BOMAs website that I'm referencing:
    Ryan Taube
    BIM Manager - Clayco Construction | Lamar Johnson Collaborative

    I don't remember any of the details, but I do remember asking many years ago about which version of BOMA Revit was based on.
    Hopefully, someone that knows BOMA history can chime in here, but it seems to me like Revit is based on something like the 2003 version of BOMA.
    That has been updated at least once and perhaps twice since then, but I don't believe Revit has changed along with BOMA.
    Dave Plumb
    BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

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      I would just create a new parameter for your Areas and use that. Then you can edit the colors as needed.
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