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Multiple lines of Text in View Title

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    Multiple lines of Text in View Title

    One of my views has a REALLY long view title. I need to show it on two lines. I attempted to do as the following link suggested and add a line feed (shift+enter) in the title where I want the break. But when I do so, I get an error message telling me that I've added an invalid character.

    So how can I go about this?

    The BIM Jedi (formally the Revit Jedi): Quick Tip - Multiple lines of Text in View Title

    A while ago, I had a view title that I couldn't get to go to one line even though it was definitely not too long for one line. So Revit does allow multi-line view titles -- I just haven't figured out how to accomplish them.

    Any advice?

    Never mind. After I submitted this, I noticed that I was editing the wrong field. I was trying to actually add the line feed to the view title. Two lines below that is "Title on Sheet". DUH!

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    Don Ireland

    Realizing you solved it already: Here is my multi-line view title if anyone is interested.
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