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How to search/find a family type (with a particular parameter) in your library?

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    How to search/find a family type (with a particular parameter) in your library?

    As per the title really, and as a parallel enquiry I'm running directly with Kiwi Codes, I'm up against some quite restrictive demands and I need to start coming up with some solid answers.

    In short :
    I want our company family library to follow a single naming structure, so that all files follow the same system.
    I also want the types of those families to follow a naming system.
    I would then like to keep all identity-like information (in this instance the ADB code) parameter based within our families (for tagging, scheduling, etc).

    My colleagues, (used to having codebook .dwg blocks named by their ADB code) would prefer the names of the families to be the ADB code to aid them in making their selections.

    Oviously, the two ways of working don't marry. :banghead:

    In a Revit family environment, we can have more than one type per family, (each with different ADB codes)
    In the codebook/ADB environment, items are often called out by their ADB code - so not having that (parameter) immediately to hand (ie. as the family/type name) makes finding one in our library, from within Revit, tricksome - and very slow.

    Like I said, I've queried if Family Browser could root out (any?) parameter from within a family, and then allow tab sorts based on it. If the answer comes back no, then what other ways are there?

    How do those of you working with massive libraries "find" what you need speedily?

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