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Live Detail Callouts and Schedules

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    Live Detail Callouts and Schedules

    I'm sure this has been asked before but the search engine isn't pushing anything to the top. Here is what I am wondering: I have a door schedule. We have head, jamb and sill detail columns in the schedule. In the Door Schedule, there are dumb parameters for the detail numbers and their sheet numbers that have to be manually typed in. I/E In the Head Detail column is 7/A701 and so on. All dumb. All manually typed. A detail gets moved or something changes and I have to manually go back and change the detail references in the Door Schedule.

    Is there a way to create live details that populate a schedule and update themselves if the referenced detail moves to another sheet? I cannot figure out a way to do this. Don't know if can't be done or if I'm not bright enough to figure it out.


    I think there's an add on that will do this but nothing native...
    Greg McDowell Jr


      The best option I've found is using Key Schedules to reduce the repetitive input of detail numbers. It's not live, but at least you only have to change the detail number once

      I'm sure someone knows a way that Dynamo can do this...


        The AutoLink function in WorkFlow does what you are looking for. I think there are a couple other addins that do the same.

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