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Noob Issue: Getting My Head Around BIM vs. Modeling

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    Noob Issue: Getting My Head Around BIM vs. Modeling


    Just when I get a tiny bit comfortable with Revit, the next activity comes along. In this case the activity is BIM-related.

    An example:

    I can model a wood deck using a simple, basic floor: 11.5" wood for the structure and 1" composite decking. (Pic attached) I can now communicate there is a deck and its dimensions. But, that's about all.

    Now, I need to accomplish material take-offs. From the floor described above, I can ascertain the amount of composite decking I need. But, I do not have enough information to determine the number of deck joists I need. To get this information, should I:

    1. Figure out how to document how deck joists are spaced in the floor's structural layer (if possible)?

    2. Model the individual members of the deck structure and lay the decking on top?

    3. Manually do a quantity take-off based on the dimensions of the deck? Ick! That would be challenging to keep in sync. But, it is an option.

    4. There's an app for that?

    I know in the world of data, there is no such thing as a free lunch. These components must be documented somewhere in order to be counted. I suppose I am asking how other folks accomplish this.

    Thank you!

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    Using a beams & a beam system would be the simplest way to layout the framing. Once you do that modify your floor family so it is only the deck itself and not the framing. A quick formula would get you really close to the number of board feet you need. If you wanted to be super nerdy you could use sloped glazing (i.e. curtainwall) or a beam system for the decking.
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      Call the people who will actually do the framing. They might do something totally different than what youre planning, unless you are tasked with the details of how it will actually get framed. If you arent, dont try to estimate it beyond a ballpark.
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        Hi Chad and Aaron,

        The process Chad described worked well. I am able to get a pretty good handle on the amount of lumber needed for the deck and decking. Thank you for that! Aaron, I am extremely grateful that I do not need to estimate wood quantities needed for general house framing. I will leave that to the subs who are tasked to actually do the work. (Thank goodness!) All I really need to do is estimate the amount of decking needed. However, I wanted to understand the process by which material quantities for other deck components would be accomplished, and extrapolate the process to other areas that I may tasked to estimate in the future. Lots to learn!

        And, I look forward to the day I have enough skills to be super nerdy with Revit!! :-D

        Thank you both!



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